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Why the Seas of Mintaka?

Just in case you were wondering about the name of this blog, Mintaka is a beautiful brilliant blue (well I don’t know if it’s blue but I suppose you could sort of say it looks kinda blue) double-star solar system in the constellation of Orion. It’s warm and it’s fiery and it’s nurturing. Or at least that’s how I imagine it would be seeing as it’s a system with 2 suns.

If you look at the photo, er, I mean, painting (courtesy of my website) you’ll see the 3 large blue stars in a row. Those form Orion’s famous belt. Looking towards the photo, Mintaka is the outermost star on the right.

You can read about the story of Mintaka and its pristine seas here at The Story of The Seas Of Mintaka, where you can find out more about this beautiful star system, why it once boasted such gorgeous, crystalline seas and what ever happened to them.

This blog was originally titled “Where the Seas of Mintaka and Alboran Meet.” That got to be quite a mouthful, however, hence the change in name. Nonetheless, you might be interested (or you might not!) in knowing why the Sea of Alboran?

Well, I live by the Sea of Alboran. Alboran is a tiny tiny little island in the Mediterranean between Spain and Africa. It’s too small to live on, but the seas around it, named the Sea of Alboran, are fresh and clear and filled with blue-green algae and ruddy coral. A most spectacular place for people who are into scuba diving.


So What Can I Blog About?

Okay, so, on we go now to our second post already. Wow. So what can I blog about here?

Well about a year or so ago I decided to sign up for this course in a new, well relatively new, intuitive healing art called Soul Realignment™. You’ve probably never heard of it before, as I just said it’s quite new. It’s been around for a long time but it only recently came out of the closet and became available to the rest of the world, having spent a great number of years as the best-kept secret of only a handful of practitioners who all lived fairly close to one another, since it was a technique that, until recently, was only passed on directly and personally from teacher to student.

Now I dunno why ever did it occur to me to sign up for this course. It’s not like it was just a one-day seminar or workshop or something. It’s quite a long course, takes several months to finish. And if there’s something I definitely am not it’s a healer, or a lightworker, or any of those New Age terms that a lot of other people do identify with. I’ve never healed anybody. I don’t beam out rays of light or bathe people in the warmth of my peacefulness. I don’t practise affirmations, tout Louise Hay philosophy everywhere or have a calendar of daily meditations on my desk. I don’t do macrobiotics, I don’t even do Mediterranean diet, and I should, seeing as I live in the Mediterranean!

But who knows why the powers-that-be determined that it would be a good course for me to study, and they dumped the perfect opportunity into my lap for me to acquire this course. So I did.

After that I started up a sort of journal to document how and what I was doing in the course, and posted it up into someone else’s forum. So now I’m going to be transferring all that material from that forum here onto this blogspot.

I’m only going to be posting all that material here right now, so the dates of publication on this blogspot won’t correspond with the original dates that I put out the different posts on. So I’ll date each post with their original dates, it’s like a diary.

And in between I guess I’ll scatter in a few other titbits, musings about life, things that happen, people that I bump into.

I guess, I hope, to see you all around! Do feel free to share your thoughts with me about anything that you like, anything at all under the sun. As I plan on doing with you too!

Hello world!

Kia Ora there, I didn’t write that title, credit goes to Well I was going to change the title but I guess it’ll stay as it’s very nice. Bet every new WordPress blog begins this same way, how unoriginal of me!

Although I imagine that once I’ve filled up this blogspot with all sorts of goodies and yummy, hearty, juicy articles I’ll probably end up deleting this plain and unoriginal first post.

So here goes, stay tuned for lots of gabbing from yours truly! Yeah I really do gabber a lot, you’ll soon find out!