(Book One of the Annasuya Thrillers)

Harrowing - S.E. Amadis

When Annasuya Rose is raped by her boss, she thinks it’s the most terrible thing that could possibly happen to her.

She has no idea that her nightmare is only just beginning.

When nobody but her boyfriend, Calvin, believes her version of events against the suave and sophisticated businessman, she turns to social media to prevent the same thing happening to somebody else.

But now someone is stalking her in the dark, menacing her with threatening messages and creepy phone calls, breaking into her house late at night. A sadistic killer who exults in killing and mutilating… or worse.

A sadistic killer who will stop at nothing to get her.

When Annasuya’s ten-year-old son disappears, she realizes she must follow the killer down a terrifying and evil path to save her beloved son. A path which leads to danger. Torture. Agony. Even death.

And the most terrible, heart-wrenching choice a mother could face.

HARROWING is a fast-paced, haunting, action-filled tale of persecution and murder… and what the love of a mother can do.

What readers are saying about Harrowing:

Wow!!! I absolutely loved this book. The pace was breakneck speed, the characters were well rounded – some likeable, others most despicable.
I’ve been trying to grow my nails recently, well this book put a fast stop to that! They were bitten right down so I need to read something now that will give them a chance to grow again!
Just as I got to a few chapters from the end I started to feel calm and at ease – then BAM! Another toe curling, lip chewing few chapters.
I absolutely LOVED Harrowing and I cannot wait to read its sequel.

5* review on Amazon

This book is awesome. Not only is the story well written, it also keeps your interest from chapter one to the ending page. The attention to detail is amazing! I have read a lot of thrillers and the horror genre and I can honestly say that this book has them beat. The characters are another reason for reading this book. They are not just going through the motions, they portray a lot of emotions which you feel throughout the book. The characters are another reason this book is so wonderful. They are not one dimensional, just going through the motions. You feel what they go through. This book does deal with sensitive subjects so I would recommend it for anyone 18 and above.

5* review on Amazon.co.uk

Couldn’t have had a better title for the book!
Wow, just wow. This book is amazing. The author’s attention to detail with the horror in the book shows how a great imagination works.
This book could be difficult for some, purely because of the fact that it does involve rape, and some abuse. However if you are able to get to grips with that, then please continue to read.
This books shows what the pure love and determination of a mother can do. It delves into some dark ideas, and a very disturbed conclusion, but I LOVED it!

5* review on Amazon

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