Recovering The Past

Provincial Prison Malaga

One of the things I most love to do is to visit historic places and, especially, ABANDONED historic places. They have so many stories to tell!

So here I’ve compiled a list of posts dedicated specifically to this theme:


Historic Places


Abandoned Sugar Factory at El Tarajal, Malaga


Interior Courtyard Sugar Factory Tarajal Malaga


The Old Provincial Prison of Malaga


Plants in the Courtyard


One Sunday in February – Massacre on the Road to Almeria


Malaga 1937

One nefarious day in February 78 years ago, over half the population of Malaga fled to the countryside, down the long and difficult seaside road to Almeria that was their only escape route. Behind them, the invading troops of General Franco, already crowing victory. And on all sides, Italian, German and Franquist naval ships and war planes showering bombs down on the fleeing and defenceless civilians, in the forgotten Massacre of the Road to Almeria.


Malaga’s English Cemetery


Chidren's Graves English Cemetery Malaga


More to come! So stay tuned……


Back of Sugar Factory Tarajal Malaga


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