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Remembering — Lucie Silvas

I love music. So thought maybe I’d occasionally write a post dedicated to my favourite artists.

So many of the best unfortunately disappear, without having deserved it, in my opinion.

Here is another singer who has just simply disappeared.

Lucie Silvas – Nothing Else Matters

Lucie Silvas – Nothing Else Matters
View on www.youtube.com Preview by Yahoo

She came here to Spain once and she was in a dance competition show, Fame! Let’s Dance. That was a show that was popular for a few years, every year they had a bunch of dancers and they trained the dancers over a period of months and every week a pair of dancers was eliminated.

Lucie Silvas came and performed at that show. I really really liked her. And then she disappeared. Her first CD was a super hit but her second CD flopped so her record company simply dropped her and she was unable to find a recording contract since then.

She was so talented. But even so, her record company just dropped her.

This is, I think, the best song on her CD, although “What You’re Made Of” was also a very famous and popular hit from that CD.

I thought she had written “Nothing Else Matters” but turns out it’s a cover of someone else’s song, Metallica’s.

Yes it is really really sad, I wish Lucie Silvas would find another recording contract. She is an AMAZE performer, just incredible. It’s amazing how this business (or any other business for that matter) works. She had 2 incredible years, with gigs just about every day as she herself says, and then…… Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Her second CD flopped so her recording company simply dropped her and since then she hasn’t been able to find a single thing. Not one recording contract. Not one gig. Nothing.

She has written songs for a third CD and recorded tons of demos of these songs but still, nothing.

And in contrast, they kept dragging a drug addicted and spaced out Whitney Houston out for more and more gigs even though she wasn’t even able to produce any sounds or keep her eyes open she was so conked out.

You can check out Lucie Silvas’ website, where she sometimes posts demos, new music and recordings, here: http://luciesilvas.com

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The Sounds of Holy Week

I’m sure that by now, especially if you are a “Spain-o-phile” lol, you must have seen dozens of photos of the Holy Week processions (and much better than the ones I’m going to post here!). But have you HEARD what Holy Week sounds like here in Spain?

So here I am posting a couple of recordings that I made of the music that they play. Just stare at the photos, imagine a cool night breeze brushing gently against your face (it was a warm night though, 22 degrees), listen to the sounds of Holy Week and pretend that you are surrounded by crowds of devotees and you can even transport yourself there and experience a Holy Week procession for yourself!

Well I couldn’t upload any music so I made a video instead! I invite you to check it out here (I put it in my son’s channel cuz I haven’t got one, in case you’re wondering about the name, oooh I’m so behind the times……):

or here, if the above link doesn’t work:


And while we’re at it, I put up a new demo too on MySpace, I invite you to check it out here:

Medley from Serena Amadis on Myspace.

or here, if the above link doesn’t work:


Well that is pretty much all we have been up to these days!

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My First Demo

It has been a while now that people close to me have been suggesting that I upload some demos that I have. But as you know, we human beings tend to be shy (well, some of us at least) about ourselves, our work and “putting ourselves out there”.

The result is that I usually hide the things that I do in the back of the closet (or computer!). But I’ve decided to try an experiment today and upload my first demo! So here it is, I don’t know how to upload music to WordPress so I’ll just provide the link to MySpace where I have it up.

(Click on the photo, photo is a link to the MP3 file.)

Flowers in Marbella(Click on the photo, photo is a link to the MP3 file.)

Hopefully someday in the future there will be more demos coming, but for that to happen, I’d have to figure out how to connect the cables to the new audio mixer. (If anybody out there happens to live close to me and is savvy about connecting cables, I could sure appreciate a hand haha!)

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