Malaga in Black and White

Sometimes, there really isn’t much to tell about our life. Kids go to school every day, homework has to be done, everyday life really isn’t very different from day to day. We don’t get out of the city much, so this is what we see in a typical day.

Arco Malaga ByN

This central archway is famous in Malaga and everyone who lives here probably recognizes it.

Plaza Constitucion Malaga

This is the heart of Malaga, its wide and well-known Plaza de la Constitución, at the end of calle Larios.

Malaga Street

Malaga by night is so special, mysterious and enchanting.

Calle Larios Malaga

I think this photo really looks old, as if it were taken 50 years ago or so. As if it formed a part of the historical archives.

Old Malaga

Thank you for reading!

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8 thoughts on “Malaga in Black and White

  1. Hi Marie. Thanks so much for dropping by to my blog! I’m not too sure about information in English about the Civil War, although there is tons and tons of information in Spanish. I do have a couple of posts about events from the Civil War here on this blog, you can find them if you click on the page Recovering the Past (at the top of the blog). You could also try Wikipedia, I know they have an article in Spanish on the Civil War so I imagine they must have one in English too. Hope your story goes well! Do feel free to leave me a comment about your book once it’s finished.


  2. Hi
    I’m writing a story set during the civil war and wondered if you know of any information, preferably in English, with regards to the prison in Malaga just after the war. I’m reading Prison of women by Tomas Cuevas at the moment and it’s such an important and useful book but focused more on the northern parts of Spain.
    PS: your black and white pics of life in Malaga are lovely and atmospheric

    Liked by 1 person

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