Tanker Bill: A Man in Search of Redemption

Tanker Bill: A Man in Search of Redemption

Tanker Bill - S.E. Amadis

His dream had always been to drive a big tank. To travel the world in a tank with his mates, living it up and having a wild time, protected by the armoured, highly reinforced walls of his baby. He thought he had it made when he joined the army.

But the army would prove to be a disappointment, and it would be in the lawless, devastated fields of an impoverished country on the verge of war where Bill, now enlisted as a mercenary fighter, would come into his own and live the adventure of his life.

His world was killing, torturing, massacring innocent villagers — until his life crossed the life of a little girl.

A girl whose family he had killed.

What readers are saying about Tanker Bill:

I’ve read other books by this author and wanted to give this novella a go.
A tale of militia for hire, but written with a darkness I feel this author will become renowned for.
If you’re looking for a pleasant read this definitely won’t be for you, but it is well worth reading nonetheless.
The author has crafted the most hideous character in ‘Bill’ and there is not one redeeming quality to him. In fact, my hatred of the character could have swayed my rating had I not enjoyed the journey he went on. A truly repugnant man with a heart of stone and whose actions were quite difficult for me to read.
Truly bizarre and disturbing at the same time.
5☆ well earned, and part of that is due to the author writing so well, she managed to invoke so much emotion from me.

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