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Well, we live in a cramped, crowded, tiny little (500 sq. ft.)(50 m.²) 2-bedroom in the city centre (although I think it’s more like a 1-bedroom with a walk-in closet hehe). It’s our dream to move out into the country one day (or my dream at least, I don’t think the kids could care less), but I don’t know where yet. But wherever it is, it’s gotta be HOT!

I first moved here with my ex (he wasn’t my ex then!) a few years back and it was quite nice at that time, perfect for a growing family with babies, close to the city centre and all the amenities. But since then life has changed, and I think we’ve outgrown this place.

I want my kids to run wild and barefoot out in the country (okay they don’t need to be barefoot they can wear flip-flops, but no dress shoes, sandals, etc.!), not to be afraid of eating food with their hands (well okay after washing them with soap of course) and have lots and lots of space to run and play in. I want them to not be afraid of bugs, maybe even have spiders for friends. All right for all of you shivering at this moment at what I just said, I’d like to add that I grew up in the country, I had a spider for a friend and I called him “Billy” (not that he ever cared!) and he was always hanging from the clothesline. I’m not scared of bugs or snakes but I do confess to a most horrible and insurmountable phobia to giant cockroaches. Which unfortunately we have a great deal of here in these warm climes. My dad’s always crowing about how up there in cold Canada they don’t have to worry about giant cockroaches!


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