So What The … is this Blog Supposed to be About Anyways?

Anyways, for anyone out there scratching their heads and wondering what in the world exactly is this blog all about?? Is it supposed to be for publishing photos of the not-too-well-known countryside in this little corner of the world? Or are we supposed to be talking about intuitive healing, psychic readings and other woo-woo stuff?

Or maybe it’s just a sounding board for complaining about cramped, tiny inner city apartments haha!

Well, actually, I don’t really want to give this blogspot a specific focus. I’d like it to present more of a sort of “soft-focus” image, where I can just rant on about whatever grabs my attention at the moment. So yes, sometimes I probably will indeed gab on a bit about psychic development and other woo-woo subjects. But I’m also planning on publishing recipes that I like, sharing my favourite music with you, recommending books that I’ve personally read and that have impressed me, even occasionally blabbing on a bit about other websites that I’ve found groovy.

And of course, if I ever do anything interesting (probably maybe once every 2 years), I’d also like to share it with you here through this website.


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