So Maybe I Need a Shrink?

The other day I had a debate with an acquaintance. This young man is really into protest marches to try and get the current government to resign. He blames them for the crisis and the high unemployment, and he thinks the government ought to give jobs to people. I told him, it’s not the government’s responsibility to give you a job, it’s YOUR responsibility to prepare yourself for a job and then go out and look for one!

He went on and on: but that wouldn’t make any difference, there wasn’t any point in people preparing themselves for a job if the government didn’t make jobs for them, people would never find jobs as long as there was still a crisis and it was the government’s responsibility to get rid of the crisis and etc. etc. I told him I was doing well and earning money, even though I didn’t have a job in the sense of working for someone else. I said if I had waited for the government to do something for me I’d still be sitting around twiddling my thumbs. He said, meh but you’re just lucky.

But that did get me thinking. For a while now I’d been pondering about things like, how come in spite of all the obvious and humungous improvements that I had experienced in my life thanks to receiving a healing session in the Soul Realignment modality (and which I’ll definitely be blogging about at a future date, I mean, clearly, I wouldn’t have gone to all the time and expense of studying something and offering sessions in it if I wasn’t absolutely convinced of its awesome effects, and its undeniable ability to move complete mountains in a person’s life! But more on that subject in another post…… someday……), there were areas where I still remained obstinately, immovably STUCK!

My professional/financial situation was undoubtedly what I had in mind as I carried out these ponderings. I refer to, how come, even though I now made a good income and earned enough for me and my kids to live well, nonetheless we were still suffering from scarcity and a lack of abundance? I was bringing in income from many sources now, I’d gone from Welfare Single Mum to Working Single Mum, we weren’t deprived anymore of things that we really needed but, I also wasn’t able to save anything. We don’t have a spendy lifestyle, I hardly ever buy unnecessary items like clothes or shoes unless I really have to, because for example everything we have is all worn and full of holes already! I don’t go out a lot, do the nightlife thing (but then again, after all, how many single mums do you know out there who do do the nightlife thing very much anyways?) or even go to the movies. And even so I’m not attracting so much that I can actually save, every cent that I’m earning has to go to something, if not food for the kids then bills, or rent.

So then I got to thinking about the people around me. People around you and their attitudes towards you and towards life can tell you a lot about your own because, as they say in popular wisdom as well as in Law of Attraction, well, like attracts like.

So I got to thinking about that young man that I quoted at the beginning of this article. And I also thought about one of my ex’s, who is always criticizing me for having too much stuff, like books and CD’s and things. (I asked him, but what’s so bad about books and music? They enrich your life, you … … (unquotable name that one might occasionally use to refer to ex’s there)!) But he thinks that books occupy too much space and don’t have any use. What’s the point in enriching your mind and your spirit, he wonders. You can’t eat off of a rich mind or a prosperous spirit, you need a fat bank account for that! And books won’t bring you a fat bank account, quoth he.

I also remembered that sensation of sheer panic whenever I observed my bank account beginning to grow. It’s a strange sensation, as if on the one hand I just knew that any moment now SOMETHING would happen to make it all disappear, someone would show up and take it all away from me. And on the other hand, it was like, who am I to have so much when other people are starving??

Well, that sensation is also known as guilt! So I realized that guilt was keeping money out of my life.

When people, like the young acquaintance I was talking about earlier, tell me that I didn’t do anything to bring in more money, that I was just lucky, what they really mean is that I simply don’t DESERVE the money that I’m getting. That they think that maybe I’m still not working hard enough, or I’m not a good enough person. Maybe, in their opinion, they ought to be earning more than me, even though they’re just sitting around on a sofa twiddling their thumbs (or more like standing around in a picket line twiddling a poster), just because supposedly they’re worth more than me, they’re better people than me, they’re superior, therefore they ought to be earning more money than me even though they’re not doing anything.

It’s illogical, I mean, that young man spends all his time griping and complaining to people about his unhappy lot in life, then goes out every night and drinks it up with his friends. He doesn’t work, just hangs around parliament buildings (or more like the Moncloa, here in Spain, as we don’t actually have a parliament building here). I mean, of course I’m earning more money than he is! I go out to work every day. When my clientele slacks down I go out and advertise more. I don’t do it because I’m greedy, I do it because my kids need to eat, and if I don’t pay the rent we won’t have a place to live (even if it’s just a tiny, cramped little 1-bedroom-with-a-walk-in-closet in da inna small city). But I still feel bad about that. I still feel greedy.

Must be something to do with my upbringing. Or maybe I need a shrink. Sigh!


4 thoughts on “So Maybe I Need a Shrink?

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  2. Hi Lena! So happy to see you on here! 🙂 Here in Spain just about the ONLY thing people seem to talk about all the time is how horribly they’re doing. The more money problems you have, the more aches and pains you’re suffering, the more doctor’s appointments you must go to, the more popular and “normal” you become too heehee! 😀 Anyways, here it’s popular and “in” to be poor, the poorer you are the more you’re accepted by “the crowds”. Totally the opposite of Toronto (where I lived a couple years), there everyone spent their time boasting about how much money they were earning. I guess the key must be, bring in all the money that you need – then don’t tell anyone haha! Keep it secret!


  3. Maybe you are human. Oh no, you might be! Even if you are originally a Mintakan 😉 I’ve had that feeling of guilt before, even though we are not living a luxurious lifestyle by any means ha ha I wonder if it’s a Lightworker thing? I know some friends of mine feel the same way too, like they have this need to share. I think thing you and I gotta realize is that our income will HELP someone in a big way, instead of take away from someone else’s share. That and because Universe is so abundant, recently I was thinking that I don’t need ANY excuse for wanting what I want and getting what I want. Like I don’t need to go into that whole spill of needing to support myself and my family. I want money in exchange for my services and I want to be able to do certain things and have certain things, and that’s enough of a reason to have it all! Oh and something else. I have this really dear friend and we will sometime argue with each other who has it worse financially lol And we both want to make sure we tell each other how tough our situation is. Isn’t that just the silliest thing? Seems like we would be better off convincing each other who has it better. Why not, right? I suppose when she complains, I want to make her feel better by pointing out my own problem, but I don’t think that helps either one of us. Next time I’ll tell her how good I have it and reassure her that she can have it too. I feel lots of changes coming on! Thanks for writing so much cool stuff, Serena. I better start catching up with you 🙂 You are a true light. I love how genuine and real your writing is and I love having you as my Soul Realignment partner.


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