…And It’s a Rainy Night In Malaga

There’s nothing very spectacular in today’s post, just typical sights that I pass by every day. Kids have to go to school, groceries have to be bought. And these are the landscapes that I see as I do these things.

Empty Garden

An empty garden in the rain.

Rain in Malaga

Just a corner of Malaga.

Garden in the Rain

Orange Tree

This is actually an orange tree, the reason it has no oranges, is because it’s not the season. Well, if you look a little closely, you might catch a glimpse of a very green fruit hidden inside there, peeking out.

Rainy Courtyard

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “…And It’s a Rainy Night In Malaga

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  9. Hi Marianne! Oh yes, one of the great and beautiful things about Malaga is ALL the amazing plants and flowers that they have everywhere. The trees offer such welcome shade in the summer, such a contrast to Almeria, where they had nothing but rows upon rows of palm trees which made a hot city even hotter. I love being able to see flowers in bloom here all year round.


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