Torre del Mar Curiosities

A few days ago we decided to take off again, on another short day trip nearby. We figured it was time we finally discovered the lands…… East of Malaga! I wanted to go to Torrox, but it rained for days on end, never affording us the occasion to explore that picturesque village under clear blue skies (which lend themselves so much better to taking bright, jazzy photos), so one fine, rainy day we decided we’d have to see Torre del Mar.

Bienvenidos a Torre del Mar

Now, that isn’t because Torre del Mar is particularly beautiful, nor is it full of monuments. But grey skies don’t encourage photography very much, and it’s a fairly large town which I fancy any self-respecting resident of Malaga should get to know at some point in his life. Right?

So we hopped a bus to Torre del Mar and wandered about a bit. We didn’t do a lot, and it wasn’t an exciting visit, and there wasn’t a whole lot to see. Sorry if this disappoints loyal residents who happen to be crazy about the town, but we didn’t find a whole lot to see. Perhaps if we had gone out to the countryside instead……

So instead of posting gorgeous, drop-dead portraits with incredible landscapes, I thought I’d just upload a selection of the most curious items that we happened to bump into.

Baby Train

This little baby train is just perfect for babies, which explains why my youngest son was the one who spotted it, I suppose. It’s stuck onto a lone pole in the middle of the beach, we’re not too sure why, but we thought it was cute.

Parrots in Torre del Mar

Parrots up a tree.


This is my eldest, still suffering from the ravages of Biodramina (medicine for people who get sick on buses and cars).

Casa Miguel Torre del Mar

Truth is, the beach looks so forlorn outside of tourist season, all alone in the rain with its beach bars all abandoned. Bet the food was yummy during the summertime, though.

Monument in Torre del MarMonument to the Dead Torre del Mar











The plaque reads, “Homenaje a todas las víctimas de la violencia” (homage to all the victims of violence).

We applaud the initiative, however it spurred up a rousing conversation with my son, who wanted to know just exactly what constituted a victim of violence. For example, if you were blown up by a bomb, would that qualify you to become a victim of violence? What if someone murdered you? Could kids be victims of violence too, or did it only apply to soldiers? Are there victims of violence in

countries that are at peace, or do they only exist in war zones? And what happens in the case of a car accident? If a car ploughed aggressively into yours, would that turn you into a victim of violence?

And since we were on the subject, why did the victims of violence need a homage anyways?

Sheesh, I wonder where kids get all their ideas from!

El Meon Torre del MarPlaya Torre del Mar

Thank you for reading!

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7 thoughts on “Torre del Mar Curiosities

  1. Also, the Phoenician Necropolis of Trayamar, Morro de Mezquitilla & Chorreras & necrópolis de Lagos.
    Castillo de Bentomiz: The sierra of Bentomiz, another focus of the 2nd Rebellion of the Alpujarras/Moriscos 1568–71


  2. In 2005, a memorial service was initiated in Torre del Mar to honor the victims of the Málaga–Almería road massacre in 1937. Since then, it has become a tradition to create a memorial wreath for the victims every February 7, the anniversary eve


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