The All New Metro de Malaga

Oh it’s been a while, hasn’t it? But what nicer way to start off the new year than by posting a new entry here, right?

A couple of weeks ago we had the privilege to be among the first passengers to inaugurate the new Metro of Malaga. Unfortunately, true to character, I forgot to bring the camera along. But fortunately, mobile phones come with cameras these days too!

Metro de MalagaFor one entire hour we got the chance to ride, completely free, up and down on the new Metro lines as much as we wanted to. We could leave the stations, come back in again, get off at any station that we fancied……

Ciudad de la JusticiaThis was one of the stations where we could get off and go outside, then come back in again, La Ciudad de la Justicia, next to the city courthouses. On December 21, only seven stations were open and this was one of them. However, supposedly, when the metro is finished, there will be fifteen stations on the red line (line number one) and ten on the blue line (number two). We are actually lucky enough to live close to three metro stations!

AndenesYou can see how vast and empty these platforms look, during this pre-inaugural phase. But I’m sure it won’t be long before they are filled up with harried commuters rushing to work.

Dentro del metroWell even though this doesn’t have much to do with the metro, I wanted to end with this cute little “postcard”, a pic of a typical show window in an ordinary shop decorated with a Belén for these holidays. So many anonymous and unsung merchants creating real works of art like this one all over the city.

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6 thoughts on “The All New Metro de Malaga

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    • Hi Marianne! Oh that’s so sweeeeet of you, I’ve missed you too! And I’ll probably have to continue missing you and everyone else, because now I go back to work again, working 10 hours a day………… Sigh. The metro’s not actually open to the public yet, no sign of when THAT’S going to happen, but I hope it’ll be soooooooon!!!!!!


      • OOHHH … long hours 😦 Still, in the present economic climate it’s good news that you have a job.

        If you get to hear when the metro’s opening, would you give me a shout? I’d like to blog about it right at the start 🙂


      • I can’t wait to be able to hop onto the metro whenever I want! I’ll send you a comment when I hear that the metro’s opening, hopefully I won’t miss the news (I don’t look at the news very often). In fact, it was reeeally such an enormous coincidence that I found out that the metro was having a pre-inaugural run for a few people, and was able to sign up for it. I arrived early to work one day so I went for a coffee and since I was bored I read a newspaper that they had at the bar. I NEVER read newspapers or watch the news, if I hadn’t happened to go into the bar just that day I would NEVER have known!


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