Rant About Lambs

I am not vegetarian. But I refuse to eat lambs.


Photo Credit: Nevit Dilmen / Wikimedia Commons

I used to love lamb. But I swore I would never touch lamb again after having babies. Remember that lambs are BABIES! They’re innocent little baby things that the only thing they have ever tasted in their lives is their mother’s milk. And the only thing they have ever known is a mother’s love.

And the lamb you are eating never had the chance to run around in a field and enjoy life. And it was taken away from its mother, who like all mothers probably misses it a lot.

If we all chose to never eat lamb again, people who slaughter lambs for food would have to stop doing it.

Now, I realize that a beef cow or a chicken is also an animal, who used to run around. But I dunno, grown cows and chickens don’t really speak to me as lambs do, I guess. I don’t like beef at all, but it’s because I really hate the taste and feel of the meat, not because I really care anything about the cow, hehe.

End of rant.


3 thoughts on “Rant About Lambs

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  2. What is your point here? There is literally no difference in eating lamb meat and eating chicken or pig or cow or turkey or bear or deer meat. It’s all gross and unhealthy and unethical.

    This blog is a PERFECT example of cognitive dissonance.


    • Hi Amanda. Thanks for dropping by my blog. As I’ve mentioned, I am NOT a vegetarian. Therefore the reason I don’t eat lamb is not for ethical reasons. I imagine vegetarians like you consider all people who eat meat unethical, but do have a bit of tolerance for people who do unethical things. I do a lot of unethical things. I’ll lie about my kids’ ages to get them into places more cheaply. Sometimes I’ll lie to certain friends that I’m not having a party, even though I am, just so I don’t have to invite them. Are you going to slam me for these sorts of things too? Well I do still tout my right to choose to be unethical (and maybe even a bit unlawful, if you consider lying about my kids’ ages unlawful) if I choose to be. As for eating or not eating lamb, as I said before, I don’t choose not to eat lamb for ethical reasons but because I like lambs. If you were in a dire situation and you could only save one single person, and you had to choose between saving the life of someone you love, even though it would mean other people would die, or saving the life of some random stranger, even though it would mean your loved one would die, who would you choose to save? Now don’t give me any BS about how ethical you are, I know very clearly who I would save and it wouldn’t be that random stranger. And you would probably do the same, no matter how ethical a person you are (or think you are). Are random strangers people too? Of course they are. Is the life of a random stranger worth less than the life of my loved one? Of course not. But I’d still save my loved one and let the other people die. You’d probably do the same too. (Or maybe you wouldn’t, because perhaps you are more spiritually advanced than me.) Is it ethical for me to save my loved one and let other people die? Probably not. But who gives a jive about ethics when it comes to choosing who you’d save (or eat) or not save? I’d choose to save the ones I love (or like) the most. Not the ones it’s most ethical to save. And I happen to like lambs. End of.


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