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Check Out My Son’s New Blog

My son has a new blog all his own! I’d love it if you’d check it out (in Spanish). You can see it here or here (I’m testing out the two platforms to see which one I like better, so far I prefer WordPress, although partly because I’m familiar with it so I find it easier, but also I haven’t been able to upload photos to Blogger because the link hasn’t been working, all I get is a blank page.)

All right, of course, he’s getting a little help from his Mami. Namely, I set it up, control it and manage it, and I’m in charge of the images too! But the text is all his!

So once again, here are the links: http://elblogdehermenegildo.wordpress.com/ and http://elblogdehermenegildo.blogspot.com/.

Hope you enjoy!

El Blog de Hermenegildo