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Poetry by Hermenegildo: Bienvenida Sea La Primavera

Today’s post isn’t mine, but my son’s, “Hermenegildo”. He asked me to post up a poetry of his on this blog. So here it is. Who knows, maybe ten years from now he’ll be publishing his own book of poetry (in Spanish, of course).

Bienvenida sea la primavera
y entramos en una nueva era.
¡Qué divertido es esto!
Si te va bien eso y eso
será divertido con la primavera.
Muchas, muchísimas abejas
sin que ellas tengan orejas.

I thought I’d accompany his lovely verses with a couple of (rather humdrum) images of spring in the city.

Almonds in the CityRed Flowers in the City

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