Photographs From a Typical Day In a Life

I was thinking today, about how long it takes me to put up a post, and yet I literally have THOUSANDS of photographs sitting around here taking up room in the computer, and which no one was ever going to see, because I never put them up.

Restaurant Garden TorremolinosSo then I thought, why do I need to write a one-thousand-word post every time I upload a round of photos? No wonder I never put anything up. Who has time to write a thousand words every few days?

I am always taking photos wherever I go. So here is the start of a round of photos with varying themes…… but with very little text!

Restaurant Garden Torremolinos

These photos are from last year, from one of our routine strolls about Torremolinos, which is one of my favourite towns.

Mansion Torremolinos

I’ve always wondered what building this is, dominating prominently over Torremolinos as you walk along its seaside promenade. Elegant but decadent-looking mansion from another era.

Night Sky TorremolinosNothing spectacular, just the moon soaring high over the nocturnal landscape of Torremolinos.
Tower by Night Torremolinos

Tower by Night Torremolinos

Two views of an impressive tower, just another one of those unnamed and unmarked historical traces scattered anonymously about town.

Venus Torremolinos

It’s nice to know that this quaint and lovely town is being watched over by angels (as well as by St. Michael, their patron saint). Well, maybe not angels, but a beautiful goddess will do.

Tropical Plants Torremolinos

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12 thoughts on “Photographs From a Typical Day In a Life

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  8. oh yea, I agree!! sometimes I feel bad that I don’t write alot and instead post lots of photos. But, as Marianne said, photos give a sense of being there. Thanks for sharing your photos. I look forward to seeing more!


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  10. Thank you, Marianne! I LOOOVE it when you drop by!! Photos are great, but there’s nothing like actually being there and feeling the air for yourself and smelling the smells. If anyone is thinking about coming here for a visit, what can I say? You need to come haha! 😀


  11. I enjoyed your photos of your stroll around Torremolinos. You are quite right, of course, you don´t always need to write lots of words to accompany your posts. Everyone loves sharing photographs – they give a real sense of “being there”.

    Well done, Serena 🙂


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