Just a Short & Silly Post

Well this is just a short and rather silly post. There’s no theme to it, and not much point to it either, really.

I always wonder, when I read about people living in faraway countries, what it is that they see every day when they leave their houses and go about their daily business. What are streets like in other countries? What do the buildings look like there?

So this is a typical street in my neighbourhood. Nothing extraordinary about it. It’s not a neighbourhood that stands out for anything in particular. It’s not a place tourists come to browse around. It’s not an especially luxurious neighbourhood. Just a typical working class street in Malaga.

Malaga Street

How does this street compare to streets in your city or town? Please do leave me a comment, I lurrve to receive (positive, non-spammy) comments!

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9 thoughts on “Just a Short & Silly Post

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  2. Hi there I happened across you last week when searching for something on the internet and I like what I read
    Malaga looks a an interesting place much more real than tourist trap Spain
    I have two homes both look very different
    My home home is rural Brittany in Northern France,lush ,green fields lovely countryside and my work and week home a small Island in the English Channel which is pretty but the town busy and over populated
    Bet you can guess which place I prefer!
    My home street in France and work street in a Jersey are very different so is the life I lead in both places
    Nice to read your musings!
    Bon soir,


    • Hi Mel. So glad to see you here, thanks for dropping by! I’ve been to Bretagne and I love it (though a bit cooold for my taste haha). Do you have a blog? I’d love to see photos of your homes on it.


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