The Sounds of Holy Week

I’m sure that by now, especially if you are a “Spain-o-phile” lol, you must have seen dozens of photos of the Holy Week processions (and much better than the ones I’m going to post here!). But have you HEARD what Holy Week sounds like here in Spain?

So here I am posting a couple of recordings that I made of the music that they play. Just stare at the photos, imagine a cool night breeze brushing gently against your face (it was a warm night though, 22 degrees), listen to the sounds of Holy Week and pretend that you are surrounded by crowds of devotees and you can even transport yourself there and experience a Holy Week procession for yourself!

Well I couldn’t upload any music so I made a video instead! I invite you to check it out here (I put it in my son’s channel cuz I haven’t got one, in case you’re wondering about the name, oooh I’m so behind the times……):

or here, if the above link doesn’t work:

And while we’re at it, I put up a new demo too on MySpace, I invite you to check it out here:

Medley from Serena Amadis on Myspace.

or here, if the above link doesn’t work:

Well that is pretty much all we have been up to these days!

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7 thoughts on “The Sounds of Holy Week

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    • Hi Marianne! Oh I’m so happy to hear from you! I had a wonderful time during Holy Week (although I spent most of it dozing, if I recall, rather than procession watching hehe!). Sorry to take so long to post your comment and answer, I haven’t got onto the blog in weeks and weeks and weeks. Hope you are doing great!


    • Hi Marianne. Oh yes once again many more weeks pass……… I’m going to put up a new blog post now. Anecdotal, just checked up the video stats and saw TWENTY-SIX people have seen the video since we put it up! The last time I looked (in April) it was 10 haha. So I guess people do occasionally have a peek lol. Last night we were at the Fair and it was jam packed, the last night and all………..

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